My Home Theater Construction


Drywall is Hung

It took several hours during Halloween night but all the drywall is up. Things are starting to come together. You can see the speaker boxes which are drywall except for the plywood base. I went with plywood so it would hold up sliding the speakers around on.

Also, you can see the store bought cabinets. These are 24” deep refrigerator cabinets. They make up the base of what will the shelves of the display cabinet.

To the right is the opening for the equipment rack.

Screen Test

Since I am so close, and since I never tested the projector with the actual, full size screen, I thought I would take a break and do a little screen test.

Looks like the picture fits. The vertical and horizontal lens shift sure makes it a piece of cake to get the picture adjusted. This was taken with flash so you can see the room, that is why the screen is so washed out.

Without Flash

Here is the same shot with no flash. This is also during a rainy day, so the picture gets better with total darkness and no ambient light.

During the day, with no shades on the back windows, the projector can be difficult to watch. But I don't plan to use the projector during the day much. Shades are definitely on the agenda though.


Here is a closeup of the same shot with no flash. The scene is from the opening of Underworld…