My Home Theater Construction

Equipment List

Epson PowerLite Cinema 500

Here is the projector I chose. It can hit the 106 screen with a 12 throw which meets my requirements. 3 panel 720p LCD projector with great features like horizontal and vertical lens shift and Faroudja DCDi processing.

DaLite Tensioned Advatage Electrol - CinemaVision

Here is the screen I chose. 106 diagonal screen 16:9 aspect ratio with the Cinema Vision fabric (1.3 Gain).

Slimline 19 Rack

Light weight 19 rack to hold all of my AV equipment. I added my own sides made of MDF covered with black laminate.

Denon 3808CI

My current receiver is a Denon 3808ci. It is my 3rd Denon amp, in 18+ years all of which are still operational. It can switch and upconvert to HDMI, can recieve internet radio and MP3 via my local network, and has Audyssey EQ to automatically tune itself to a room's particular dynamics. It also fully integrates with CQC via ethernet or RS232 using a driver I wrote.

DirecTV HR22-100

My first true high definition source was an HD Tivo. But I have since moved on to a DirecTV DVR so that I can get the high def channels via satellite instead of OTA. The DirecTV DVR is a step down, it has a very slow response time to commands, but it works and integrates with my home automation software CQC.

Sony DVP-CX777ES DVD Changer

After my original 200 disc Sony DVD changer failed. I purchased this new DVD changer on Ebay. It hold 400 discs, and more importantly it has a serial port so it can be controlled by CQC. I am now able to select movies on the airpanel and CQC will load it automatically in the changer.

XBox 360 Elite

I also have an XBox 360 connected to the big screen. Nothing like getting pummelled by rugrats in Halo 2 or Chromehounds on a 106" screen. The XBox 360 is connected via HDMI to the Denon3808ci. All new games are 720P, and the projector does a great job upscaling the old games from 480P to 720P with no artifacts.

Elk M1 Gold Security/Automation Panel

The M1 Gold is a combination security and automation panel. It not only serves as the security system for the house but can control hardwired devices via relay outputs, lighting, and thermostat. It even allows you to create rules that are triggered by house events.

Viewsonic Airpanel V110p

The airpanel serves as my main remote control for the theater. It connects wirelessly as a remote desktop client to the theater's PC via the 802.11 network. The theater PC is running CQC, which draws the screens and controls the equipment via serial, network, and infrared.

Insteon Lighting

I have landed on Insteon as a lighting control platform. It has been a bit of a bumpy ride, but it suits my needs and it is a huge improvement over X10. I really like the quick response to commands and think the switches look the best out of all the technologies out there. Especially with the blue light pipes added.

Charmed Quark Home Automation Software

I have upgraded from Homeseer to CQC. CQC connects with device drivers to the house systems via serial, network, and infrared. It is the glue that brings control of the Insteon lighting, Elk M1G Security panel, and AV equipment together. The AV equipment is controlled via serial (for the Sony DVD changer) or infrared via the USB-UIRT.