My Home Theater Construction

Final Part 2

With Furniture

Here is a shot a little over a year later. New additions are the couches and I added the speaker grill cloth to the cabinet doors for the center speaker. And I have moved my Paradigm speakers into their new home.

Equipment Rack

Here is another picture of the equipment rack with the updated equipment. I had to replace my Denon receiver with an old Sony I had because it has more audio inputs. Although I took a noticable hit in sound quality. I also added the HDTivo, HTPC, and UPS. The HDTivo uses HDMI to connect to the projector. I hope to soon move to a receiver with HDMI switching, looking at the Denon 4306 for this.


I have also redone the bar in the last year. Added a cabinet for glassware, some shelves, stools, and a bar light off of ebay. And a popcorn popper I got for Christmas from my parents.