My Home Theater Construction

Framing Part 1

Demo Work

All of the drywall and some of the old framing has been removed. You can see the slimline rack in its position.

More Demo

Here is another angle of the same wall. You can see all of the old framing stacked up in the corner.

Side View

This is just a view of the side wall and the ceiling. The projector will be mounted in front of the soffit. With a 4.5” mount the bottom of the projector should hang relatively flush with the soffit and concealed when looking into the room.

As you can see, I will need to get the data and power cable to the projector. This will be done by running conduit in the ceiling. Since the joists run perpendicular to the view here, it is just a matter of pushing the conduit above the ceiling.

Projector is Here!

I got the projector and had to mount it right away. I had mounted a sheet of drywall as a temporary screen and something to stick screen material to for screen testing.

You can also see the speaker box framing to the left and right of the “screen” and the rack framing to the far right. I have also added ½” MDF sides with black laminate to the slimline rack, which is on the floor, bottom right.

First Light - Lord of the Rings

Here is a better shot of Fellowship of the ring. Not too bad for a plain sheet of drywall. The projector is not quite level, but it is just a temporary mount. The screen is not quite the finished size, the drywall is 4’x8’ but the finished screen will be 106” diag, or 52” x 92”.

Actually, out of all my screen material tests, I would rate this unpainted sheet of drywall equal to the Cinema Vision fabric I selected and better than all the other fabrics I tried. I especially had high hopes for the HiPower, but it did not add any gain over the Cinema Vision in my tests due to the projector being ceiling mounted.