My Home Theater Construction

Elk M1G Security System


Here is an updated shot of my wiring panels. The left is the FutureSmart panel holding all of my AV and network cabling. It also holds my dsl modem and router.

On the top right is a 42" Leviton panel containing all of the Elk M1 security stuff. The lower right panel is a 14" Leviton panel containing an auxillary power supply and holds my Elk transformer and batteries.

Security Panel

Here is a little closer shot of just the security panel. Since the last update, I have added an external audio card, another PD9 power supply and created a power bus and speaker bus using terminal strips.

I made liberal use of 1 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch wiring ducts from Automation Direct for cable management.

Security Panel - Top

This is the top section of the security panel. I decided to use the M1G's built-in zones for critical items that need a quick response. One example is my doorbell. I have a non-lighted doorbell button connected directly to an input on the M1 with the fast loop response turned to 20ms. This then plays a custom doorbell sound out of the elk speakers on Ouput1.

Below the M1 you can see the terminal strips that make up my Aux Power bus on the left and Speaker/Output1 bus on the right. I needed these to break out the limited inputs for Aux Power and speaker wires to organize things better. It is also handy for speakers as you can modify the series/parallel configuration using jumpers as more speakers are added to the system to stay within the 4ohm limit.

Security Panel - Middle

Below the terminal strips I mounted 2 data bus hubs (M1DBH) to connect all the keypads and other modules of the system, leaving room for expansion.

Below that are my two input expanders (M1XIN). These give me another 32 inputs for adding sensors. Since many of these sensors may require aux power, I mounted two power distribution cards (PD9) that connect to the aux bus terminal strip.

Security Panel - Bottom

At the bottom of the security panel I have my elk audio card (ELK-124) and output expander (M1XOVR). Below that are the ethernet interface (M1XEP) and a serial port expander (M1XSP) for my Insteon lighting. The M1XEP is powered by the power supply in the cabinet below.

Power Panel

Below the main security panel, I mounted a 14 inch Leviton can to house all of my power for the system. I added an extra Elk 12 volt 4 Amp power supply (P1412K) and battery to power my router, dsl modem, and ethernet expander. This give me battery backed up power for my ethernet network in case of a power failure.

I also moved the main transformer and battery to this cabinet to free up room in the upper cabinet.