My Home Theater Construction

Wiring Room

Wiring Room

Here is a shot of the wiring room, behind the home theater cabinet. I have 4 2" conduit coming from the attic into this room as well as the conduit to the rear speakers and projector. All of it connects to solid wiring duct going around the rooms perimeter. This all terminates at either the equipment rack or the Futuresmart patch panel.

Patch Panel

This is a picture of the FutureSmart SuperPro patch panel. It has a built in phone hub and coax hub (which I haven't found a use for). The phone hub is grounded directly to the house ground and has build in surge protection.

Inside the cabinet I have my DTV multiswitch mounted which terminates all sattelite connections to the front. I have run drops of speedwrap (2 Cat5, 2RG6) to several locations around the house that also terminate here. And I added a shelf to hold my DSL modem and router.

I hope to add an ELK M1 Gold to this setup soon for security and automation.

Back of Equipment Rack

Here is a picture of the back of the equipment rack. I have a Quickport patch panel to terminate the various video and network connections. I also have a 100MB linksys switch to connect all rack equipment to the network.